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Prosper Dentist: Teeth Grinding Common in Kids

December 7, 2013
Posted By: Vimal Patel
Bruxism | Pediatric Dentistry | Prosper TX

Do gnashing, grinding noises disturb the silence when your child is sleeping? Can you hear teeth sliding against one another, see the jaw moving, while your child rests. Hearing this noise can be disconcerting. After all, what if your child was to cause damage to his or her teeth? Teeth grinding, also called bruxism, can put significant strain on teeth. If bruxism continues over a long period of time, it can lead to oral health problems as well as problems beyond the scope of the mouth. If you are concerned about your child’s teeth grinding habits, you’re probably not alone. However, those grinding noises are probably nothing to worry about. Your Prosper dentist, Dr. Vimal Patel, discusses bruxism in children.

Children and Bruxism

As disconcerting as it may be to hear the saw-like noises coming from your child’s room during the night, teeth grinding is actually quite common in children. A recent study said that as much as 38 percent of children grind their teeth. For the most part, bruxism is a habit that children outgrow as they age, and treatment is rarely necessary. The habit often starts between the ages of three and four and usually stops around age six. However, if your child complains about pain, schedule a visit with your Prosper children’s dentist, Dr. Patel, for a checkup. As children grow into their teenage years and adulthood, continued bruxism could lead to worn teeth that eventually crack or chip. Continual strain on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), the joint that connects the lower jaw to the skull, could also lead to a TMJ disorder. Migraines and earaches are among the symptoms associated with a TMJ disorder.

Causes of Bruxism in Children

The causes of bruxism in children are not always clear. However, stress and anxiety are typically associated with bruxism. Consider making relaxation a focus of your child’s bedtime routine. Pick out a nice story and spend a few peaceful moments enjoying your child’s company.

Schedule a Visit with Your Prosper Children’s Dentist

Does your child need a dental visit? If it has been six months since your child last visited a dentist, it’s time for a checkup. Schedule a visit with your new Prosper children’s dentist by contacting our 75078 dentist office. For more information, email us at We serve patients from Prosper and the surrounding communities. Source:

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