Dental Bridges in Prosper, TX


Tool placing a dental bridge on a model of teethOne of the oldest dental prosthetics still used today, the use of dental bridges dates back to antiquity and the days of the ancient Etruscans. While ancient peoples used gold dental bridges to both replace missing dentition and display their wealth. Today, our Prosper dentists use significantly more advanced technology. Modern dental bridges strive for a more natural-looking esthetic. Dental bridges are comprised of two primary parts:

1) The abutments refer to porcelain crowns that Dr. Patel affixes to the teeth neighboring the missing one. The abutments anchor the bridge in place.

2) The pontic refers to the artificial tooth that replaces the missing one. Pontics help to maintain proper spacing along the dental arch and restore normal chewing and speaking ability.

Dental Bridges and Your Oral Health 

A single missing tooth may not seem like a big deal, especially if it’s missing from the back of the mouth. Unfortunately, that gap in the dental arch can lead to serious problems. When a tooth goes missing, your remaining teeth begin to shift toward the open space. This phenomenon, known as dental drift, can result in an oral health disaster:

  • First, as teeth shift, they create overlaps and pockets that are hard to reach using at-home dental care techniques. As a result, plaque begins to build up and can lead to an increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Second, shifting teeth can also throw off your alignment and lead to bite problems which can, in turn, place excessive stress on the TMJs. This excess stress can result in chronic headaches, muscle pain in the neck and shoulder, popping jaws, and the inability to open and close your mouth properly.

Alternatives to Bridges in the 75078 Area

Couple drinking wine and laughing wearing dental bridges in Prosper TXDental bridges offer a dependable option for replacing missing teeth. Of course, like any dental treatment, bridges might not provide the best option for every patient. Some patients might prefer the longevity and stability offered by dental implants. Others may have several missing teeth in a row and benefit from a partial denture. Rest assured that Dr. Vimal Patel works closely with his patients to ensure that they receive the dental prosthetic that works best for their oral health and lifestyle needs.

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