Dentures and Partials in Prosper, TX


Set of partial dentures on model of teeth in Prosper TXMost people cringe at the thought of wearing dentures because they can’t help but imagine an unnatural-looking pair of oversized chompers floating in a glass of water on their grandparent’s bedside table. Dr. Patel wants you to forget about ill-fitting, old-fashioned dentures! Today’s dentures offer outstanding realism, are lightweight, and offer a superior fit to dentures of the past. The denture base is constructed of acrylic and is color-matched to blend with your natural gums. The artificial teeth embedded in the base are durable, lifelike, and custom-designed to fit the dimensions of your mouth. Dr. Patel provides full dentures for edentulous patients (those with no remaining teeth) as well as partial dentures for patients with some remaining dentition.

Dentures in Prosper, TX Restore Your Confidence

When you have no teeth or only a few remaining teeth, life simply isn’t as enjoyable as it once was. You probably feel self-conscious about speaking in public and you might feel that your face looks older and less attractive. With practice, dentures allow you to speak normally. Furthermore, dentures return the underlying structure to your cheeks and lips thus correcting the sunken-in look that characterizes a lack of dentition. In fact, dental industry professionals refer to dentures as “the instant face lift” for their ability to make you look younger and more attractive immediately. People who have lived without teeth for years report an improved outlook on life and increased self-assurance once they begin wearing dentures.

Dentures Restore Your Health at Prosper Smiles Family Dentistry

Happy couple smiling in their kitchen wearing partial denturesMissing teeth decrease your general health by inhibiting your ability to eat properly. People without teeth often eat a very limited diet of soft or mashed foods that simply do not provide adequate nutrients. In some cases, people with missing teeth eat normal foods but are unable to chew their food properly. Improperly chewed food cannot be digested and, thus, cannot provide the body with the nutrition it needs. With practice, denture wearers can eat a healthy, varied diet and enjoy the improved overall health associated with good nutrition.

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