Dental Fillings in Prosper, TX


Childrens dentistry patient receiving treatment for dental fillings in Prosper TXYour mouth is a harsh environment and is home to hundreds of different kinds of bacteria, some good, some harmful. One particular species of bacteria, S. mutans, wreaks particular havoc on your oral health. When S. mutans digests particles of sugar left on your teeth, it produces a highly acidic substance that begins to draw the minerals out of your tooth enamel in a process called demineralization. If Dr. Patel locates demineralized areas with his DIAGNOdent® instrument during your checkup, a professional fluoride treatment, a sealant, and dedicated dental hygiene at home can address the problem. Unfortunately, most tooth decay has moved further into the layers of the tooth, creating the pits we commonly call cavities.

The Filling Placement Procedure at Prosper Smiles

Should Dr. Patel identify a cavity, he will fill it using a few simple, straightforward steps:

1) Using specially designed instruments, he will remove all traces of decay and clean the area.

2) In most cases, he will reshape the cavity to allow for a better fit for the filling.

3) Next, Dr. Patel will thoroughly dry the area and apply a conditioning liquid that will help the filling bond more strongly.

4) Finally, Dr. Patel will apply the composite resin filling material, allow it to harden, and reshape it to match the contours of the original tooth.

Why Do We Place Metal-Free Fillings?

Close up of tooth receiving a dental fillings in Prosper TXDental amalgam, an alloy of several metals including silver and mercury, has been used by dentists since the mid-1800s to fill cavities. While amalgam fillings are certainly durable, they are also very noticeable. In addition, many patients either object to the presence of mercury or have metal sensitivity or metal allergies that preclude them from having amalgam fillings placed. To avoid these complications and provide a restoration that blends in perfectly with natural tooth enamel, Dr. Patel places on composite resin fillings. This strong, tooth-colored material looks good, bonds directly with the tooth’s surface thereby reducing the amount of enamel reshaping needed, and can actually be used in several restorative and cosmetic applications.

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