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Prosper Dentist Shares Free Tooth Brushing Chart for Kids

January 13, 2014
Posted By: Vimal Patel
little girl brushing teeth | dentist near me prosper tx

How do you fare in the nightly struggle of getting your kids to brush their teeth? If you are like most parents, you probably don’t win all the time. Unfortunately, when kids win, they actually lose because bacteria are the true winners. If left unchecked, bacteria can attack kids’ teeth and cause tooth decay. Thus, it is vital that kids brush their teeth. But when they flat out refuse and every morning and night means another argument, what are you supposed to do? Don’t lose hope. Your Prosper, TX dentist, Dr. Vimal Patel, has a free tooth brushing chart for you that just may do the trick.

Accessing Your Free Tooth Brushing Chart From Prosper Smiles Family Dentistry

To get a copy of the free tooth brushing chart, check out this website: You will be prompted to enter your child’s name so that it will appear at the top of the brushing chart. Once you have entered the name, a printable version of the chart will load, and all you have to do is click print.

Using Your Free Tooth Brushing Chart

The printed chart features checkable boxes for the mornings and evenings of four consecutive weeks. Your Prosper kids’ dentist, Dr. Patel, advises using this chart to challenge your child to a contest with a grand prize up for grabs. The prize is up to you. Pick something that will motivate your child to take the challenge seriously. Then explain the following rules: If your child can successfully complete the brushing chart without any slip ups, he or she wins the grand prize. If everything goes according to plan, your child will develop a habit of brushing, and you will win a grand prize of your own: no more arguments about brushing.

Schedule a Visit with Your Prosper Kids’ Dentist

Regular dental visits can help keep your child’s mouth healthy. If more than six months have passed since your child’s last dental visit schedule an appointment with your Prosper kids’ dentist, Dr. Patel. To contact our 75078 dentist office, email us at We serve patients from Prosper and the surrounding communities.

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