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Prosper Cosmetic Dentist: Fresh Breath, Bright Smile for Valentine’s Day

December 14, 2013
Posted By: Vimal Patel
White Smile | Prosper TX

You’re on your Valentine’s Day date. It’s been a lovely evening: a romantic dinner by candlelight, a shared smile of nervous excitement. But now it’s the end of the evening, and your date is inching closer. You suddenly realize that your breath is not as fresh as it could be and that your teeth are not the pearly white you wish they were. How quickly something lovely can turn nightmarish. Luckily, your Prosper cosmetic dentist, Dr. Vimal Patel, is here to help with tips for fresh breath and a white smile for Valentine’s Day.

Fresh Breath for Valentine’s Day

Bad breath is the result of bacteria within the mouth. Thus, brushing and flossing is a good method for achieving fresh breath. However, when you are brushing, don’t neglect your tongue. The tongue contains numerous bacteria that you’ll want to remove to ensure fresh breath. Mouthwashes that kill bacteria are another good option. But you’ll want to avoid gum and mints. Both contain sugar, which will feed rather than remove bacteria. Lastly, be sure that you stay hydrated. If you are dehydrated, you produce less saliva, which kills some bacteria naturally.

Get White Teeth for Valentine’s Day

Teeth whitening can be done at home or in the office. At-home teeth whitening features trays filled with a whitening solution that fit over your teeth. However, this treatment lasts 1-2 weeks. So if you’re looking for instant results, in-office whitening is the way to go. In-office whitening takes about an hour and shows results immediately. You’ll be able to walk out of your dental visit with teeth that are several shades lighter. Just be sure to stay away from foods and drinks that have strong, dark pigments for 24-48 hours.

Schedule a Visit with Your Prosper Cosmetic Dentist

Don’t let yellow teeth and bad breath ruin your romantic evening. If you have yellow teeth, schedule a visit with your Prosper cosmetic dentist, Dr. Patel, to discuss teeth-whitening options by contacting our 75078 dentist office. For more information, email or give us a phone call. We serve patients from Prosper and the surrounding communities.

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