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How to Know if You Have a Dental Emergency/ What to Do

May 31, 2016
Posted By: Dr. Vimal Patel
Woman Holding Tooth In Pain | Emergency Dental Care

We hope that you will never have a dental emergency, but if you do have one, you will quickly discover just how worrisome they can be. Not only can dental emergencies be painful, but often people wonder what exactly constitutes a dental emergency. They are not sure if they should wait to see the dentist during normal business hours, or if they should call immediately, regardless of the time of day. Let’s talk about what constitutes a dental emergency, and if you should wait—or if you should do an online search of the term emergency dentist near me.

Is Your Dental Situation Urgent?

Some dental emergencies cannot wait for treatment, while others can wait. It’s important to know the difference when it comes to seeking treatment for a dental emergency. Here are few examples of emergency situations that would likely be deemed urgent:

  • A permanent tooth that becomes very loose or that is knocked out completely
  • A jaw injury
  • Any kind of bleeding that just won’t seem to stop
  • Swelling that is particularly painful
  • A toothache that will not stop hurting

If you have any of the above situations occur, it is best to call your dentist immediately to deal with the situation right away.

Here is a list of some situations that would not be considered an urgent dental emergency:

  • A crown or filling that is lost
  • A bridge or crown that is cracked
  • A broken retainer or night guard
  • A toothache that is mild
  • Food stuck between teeth

If you have a nonemergency situation, you should still call your dentist and make an appointment to be seen as soon as possible. But if it is after hours or the weekend, you are probably just fine waiting until the next available appointment.

How to Prevent Dental Emergencies

Once you have a dental emergency, you will likely want to do what you can to prevent anymore emergencies from happening in the future. As with most things when it comes to dental care, prevention by way of regular exams and checkups are key. If you see your dentist regularly, you are far less likely to have an unexpected emergency happen.

Other ways to prevent dental emergencies include practicing good home care, including brushing and flossing regularly. Also be sure to follow whatever treatment plan your dentist sets out for you. Don’t put off getting a filling, crown, or root canal; when you do, these can put you at risk for dental emergencies down the road.

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Stay on top of your oral health and do what you can to prevent dental emergencies from happen. Give us a call today for your next examination!

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