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4 Goals of Pediatric Dentistry in Prosper, TX

December 22, 2020
Posted By: Bobbie Metevier
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Pediatric dentistry in Prosper, TX is always designed to keep your child’s teeth healthy. However, we like to educate children as well and teach them how to care for their teeth between dental checkups.

Our Pediatric dentist in Prosper, TX has set four goals.

Healthy Teeth and Gums

We want your child to leave every dental checkup with a clean bill of health for their smile. This may be through a teeth cleaning or a dental filling. For this reason, we follow best practices, which means your child should visit our dental office twice yearly for dental exams.

Healthy Habits for Growing Smiles

We want to instill healthy habits in children from the beginning. This means we may talk to you about nutrition, appropriate snacks, and more—especially if your child is prone to tooth decay. We can also offer at-home brushing and flossing tips to help you clean your child’s teeth more efficiently and effectively. Additionally, we may recommend dental sealants or fluoride treatments to strengthen teeth and lower cavity risks.

Child Education and Smile Pride

We want your child to understand the importance of a healthy smile and take pride in cavity-free checkups. For this reason, we talk to children about their oral health, including brushing and flossing. We explain what a cavity is and how to prevent another.

Establish Trust and Friendship at Prosper Smiles Family Dentistry

We want your child to trust our team, which is why we talk to them about what we’re doing during treatment. We also engage them in conversation to help them feel at ease when under our care. Trust and good feelings about the dental setting may curb dental phobia and anxiety in adulthood.

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