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Making Your Child Comfortable at the Dentist

September 30, 2016
Posted By: Dr. Vimal Patel
children's dentistry | prosper tx

Many patients who are anxious or fearful about their dental appointments report having had a bad experience at the dentist when they were young. At Prosper Smiles Family Dentistry, we understand how important your child's first visits to the dentist are in order to ensure their future success at the dental office. You'll find that our office caters to children in order to ensure that every visit is fun and upbeat for your child. Dr. Vimal Patel enjoys engaging with young patients, teaching them about their oral health, and practicing kid's dentistry.

When Should My Child First See the Dentist?

We want to see your child as soon as their first baby teeth erupt, or around their first birthday. Dr. Patel can check their teeth and screen for any development issues that may be happening. We also take time to introduce them to the dental chair and the instruments we use so they will feel comfortable during their appointments. We encourage parents to bring their little ones along to their own dental appointments so children can see that the dental office is fun and not scary.

Special Amenities for Children

You'll find that at Prosper Smiles Family Dentistry, we go above and beyond for our small patients. Our waiting room is equipped with a video game station, books and toys to entertain your child while they wait. When they get to their treatment room, they can watch their favorite cartoon or show, or they can play with a special stuffed animal friend for comfort. When they're done they'll choose their own special toy to take home from the treasure box. Our goal is that they look forward to coming to their dental appointments.

Additional Services for Children

Dr. Patel believes that prevention is the key to maintaining optimum oral health. For this reason we offer additional services to help protect small teeth from tooth decay and cavities. Fluoride treatments help to build and strengthen teeth, while dental sealants coat and protect the chewing surface of your child's teeth from decay. We also teach children and parents proper brushing and flossing techniques they can use at home to create a strong and effective home care routine.

If it's time for your child's next dental appointment, contact Prosper Smiles Family Dentistry today to schedule. We know you'll appreciate the personalized attention and care your child receives from our friendly team!

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