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Causes and Treatment Options for Root Sensitivity

June 30, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Vimal Patel
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Do you suffer from frequent sensitivity to hot and cold foods or beverages? Do you ever have discomfort when biting or chewing? Did you know that you may be suffering from root sensitivity?

This is a common condition that can be very painful and greatly affect the quality of your life. Your dentist in Prosper, TX has some solutions that will help to eliminate your discomfort.

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What Causes Root Sensitivity?

The cause of root sensitivity actually varies greatly with each patient; however, it's really important to determine the cause in order to pursue the most effective treatment. Some common causes of root sensitivity are:

  • Vigorous or aggressive brushing or flossing
  • A restoration such as a filling that was not placed properly
  • Heavy biting or chewing forces or clenching and grinding your teeth
  • An infected nerve in your root
  • A restoration that has fractured or leaked and allowed decay to reach the root

Treating Root Sensitivity

There are different options for treatment when we determine exactly what's causing your sensitivity. For example, if your root or pulp is infected, root canal therapy may be able to eliminate the infection and in turn, the pain and discomfort.

For patients who are clenching and grinding their teeth, wearing a night guard to help relax muscles and protect teeth from the biting forces may solve the problem.

A broken restoration or one that was not placed properly can be replaced with a new restoration that can eliminate the problem with sensitivity.

Contact Prosper Smiles Family Dentistry

If you are living with frequent or constant sensitivity, we encourage you to contact Prosper Smiles Family Dentistry and schedule an examination with Dr. Vimal Patel. He will help determine the cause of your discomfort so we can properly treat it and get you some relief. Give us a call today!

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