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3 Benefits of Dental Implants

March 29, 2021
Posted By: Prosper Smiles Family Dentistry
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Missing teeth impact more than your smile aesthetics. Tooth loss can also influence your oral health.

The good news is your dentist in Prosper, TX offers tooth replacement options, including dental implants. Implants are considered the gold standard by most dentists because they are so similar to natural teeth, and they benefit your oral health in the long term.

Let’s look at three of these benefits.

#1 Dental Implants in Prosper, TX Keep Your Bite in Line

Missing teeth encourage tooth migration—meaning adjacent teeth shift toward the spaces left behind. When this happens, your bite is no longer even, and eventually, this can lead to wear, tooth damage, fractures, and even tooth decay.

#2 Dental Implants May Stimulate Jaw Joint Health

Your tooth roots stimulate your jawbone to remain viable and healthy. When teeth are lost, the jawbone deteriorates, leading to a sunken appearance, especially around the lower face. This can mean a prematurely aged appearance and change in your facial profile. Dental implants in Prosper, TX are the only tooth replacement options that come with replacement roots, which may stimulate your jawbone to remain healthy.

#3 A Full Smile May Improve Confidence

One of the first things people notice about us is our smile. When you have missing teeth, it may prompt you to cover yours. It may make you always aware that you have missing teeth, which can sink your confidence. Dental implants in Prosper, TX are natural-looking, and no one will guess that you’ve had work done. When you laugh and speak, they will only see your beautiful smile.  

Bonus Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are made from strong titanium, and a few well-placed implants can support a prosthetic like a denture or dental bridge. And as technology has advanced, dental implants have become more affordable than ever before. Part of the affordability rests in their longevity and simple maintenance.

Restore Your Smile with Dental Implants in Prosper, TX

Schedule your dental implant consultation today to restore your smile, your confidence, and your oral health.

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