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At What Age Should a Child Start Going to the Dentist?

July 8, 2022
Posted By: Prosper Smiles Family Dentistry
smiling baby at the children's dentist prosper tx

Children have unique oral health needs, just like adults. At Prosper Smiles Family Dentistry, Dr. Vimal Patel and our team love working with kids and helping them establish excellent oral health from a young age. We offer several kid-friendly dental services so your little one can have a healthy, beautiful smile. 

What to Expect at Your Child's First Dentist Visit 

Stanford Children's Health recommends children should have their first dental visit by 12 months of age or within six months of their first tooth emerging. Our team members are experts in providing exceptional children's dentistry, and we always treat each child like our own. First and foremost, we ensure your child feels comfortable, and then we can start checking their teeth and gums. 

A first visit usually takes between 30-45 minutes. Depending on your child's age, we will perform a complete oral health exam of their teeth, bite, jaws, gums, and oral tissues to check development and growth. This is also when your dentist will discuss the following:

  • Baby bottle tooth decay
  • Teething
  • Pacifier habits 
  • Finger-sucking habits
  • Mouth cleaning and brushing
  • Infant feeding practices

If needed, your child may have a gentle dental cleaning to remove plaque and tartar. We will also show you and your child proper oral hygiene to practice at home, including appropriate fluoride use.

Routine Dental Checkups for Growing Smiles

Your dentist will discuss your child's unique needs and how often they should come in for a routine visit. We check for cavities, gum disease, bite alignment and development, and more during a checkup. 

Like adults, children should visit their dentist regularly. Every child is different, so some may need to see the dentist every six months, while others may require quarterly visits. Routine visits to our Prosper dental office build your child's confidence and comfort. It also allows us to monitor their oral health and developmental milestones. 

Contact Our Children's Dentist in Prosper, TX 

Patel is a gentle and caring children's dentist in Prosper, TX. Everyone on our Prosper Smiles team enjoys meeting new patients and welcoming new ones to our dental family. If you need to schedule your child's first dental appointment, we'd love to hear from you! If you've been to our dental office in Prosper before, we can't wait to welcome you back for your little one's routine checkup. 

Please give us a ring at (972) 347-9617 or contact us via our online scheduler.

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