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Women smiling with professional teeth whitening in Prosper TX

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening vs. Store-Bought

November 4, 2019
Posted By: Prosper Smiles Family Dentistry
Woman at procedure for teeth whitening in Prosper TX

You have a wedding or other big event coming up, and you want your smile to look its best in all those photos. Unfortunately, when you look in the mirror, you notice your teeth look yellow or stained, and that just won't do!

Now you have to decide whether you want to attempt to whiten them with an over-the-counter take-home kit or opt for professional teeth whitening with your Prosper, TX cosmetic dentist. Which is more likely to produce the results you want?

The answer is professional teeth whitening in Prosper, TX, and here’s why.

Professional Whitening Products Are Stronger

Over-the-counter (OTC) brands contain the lowest concentration of whitening agent that can be safely used by the highest number of consumers. 

The teeth prescription-strength whiteners your dentist uses, however, are much more potent because the process is closely supervised by a professional. And a higher concentration of whiteners produces the fastest and most noticeable results.

Teeth Whitening with Your Dentist Is Safer

If you choose an OTC product and it causes tooth sensitivity, you have nowhere to turn. And since they use one-size-fits-all whitening trays, it’s more likely the gel will seep underneath them and burn and irritate your gums. 

With teeth whitening in Prosper, TX, your dentist is always available to adjust the strength of your whitening gel if you experience tooth sensitivity. Your kit also includes a customized whitening tray made using impressions of your teeth, so the risk of the gel seeping underneath is minimal. 

You'll Achieve More Dramatic Whitening Results

If you don’t see the bright results you were expecting with OTC whitening products, you may be tempted to over-whiten, which can damage your teeth. But your dentist chooses professional whitening products that are much more potent and will work with you to help you achieve the bright, sparkling smile you were hoping for the first time.

Book an Appointment to Get Started

At Prosper Smiles Family Dentistry, Dr. Virmal Patel offers take-home teeth whitening kits with custom trays and will tailor yours to your specific needs for the safest, most brilliant results. Call us today to schedule a dental appointment to get started!

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