Checkups and Cleanings in Prosper, TX


Plaque: Oral Health Enemy #1

person having dental cleaning | Checkup & Cleaning in Prosper TX | Prosper Smiles Family DentistryIt’s no exaggeration: dental plaque is a significant problem and can lead to a number of serious oral health disorders. Plaque forms when tiny particles of food and sugar leftover from mealtimes and snack become colonized by oral bacteria. As the bacteria feed, they bond with each other and with the surface of the teeth and gums. This biofilm, as dental professionals refer to it, adheres to the teeth and, if it’s not removed via thorough brushing and flossing, it calcifies and becomes hardened tartar. The acids produced by bacterial plaque can eat away at your tooth enamel and irritate and inflame your gums and, unfortunately, even the most careful at-home hygiene regimen can’t get rid of all plaque.

Checkups and Cleanings at Prosper Smiles

Luckily, your Prosper dentist, Dr. Vimal Patel, and his team of talented hygienists have the skill, experience, and equipment necessary to remove every trace of plaque and tartar and leave your mouth feeling incredibly clean and beautiful. At your regular checkup and cleaning, you can expect a gentle yet comprehensive cleaning, as well as a meticulous checkup where Dr. Patel will look for issues such as:

  • Signs of tooth decay, from demineralization to cavities.
  • Signs of gingivitis and other gum disease.
  • Old, aging, or faulty dental work.
  • Proper occlusion, or how your top and bottom dental arches come together.
  • Worn enamel that might indicate bruxism, or nighttime teeth grinding.
  • Excess stress or abnormal function of the TMJs.
  • Lesions or abnormalities that could indicate oral cancer.
  • Spacing and alignment of the teeth.
  • Cosmetic concerns such as teeth stains, overlaps, or chipped teeth.

Our Technological Edge

smile during checkup | Checkups & Cleanings in Prosper TX | Prosper Smiles Family DentistryDr. Patel believes that cutting-edge technology not only allows him to perform his job better; it provides a higher level of patient care for you and your family. For instance, our DIAGNOdent® caries detection tool allows Dr. Patel to see areas where tooth decay has just begun to weaken the enamel. Our ultrasonic scaling device allows our hygienist to uses high-frequency vibration to remove plaque and tartar gently yet effectively. Our imaging technology, such as digital x-rays, panoramic x-rays, intraoral cameras, and chairside monitors allow us to see every aspect of your oral structures with enhanced accuracy. All this means that you enjoy precision care with an eye toward improved comfort.

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At Prosper Smiles Family Dentistry, we have created a different kind of dental practice: one that focuses on family, fun, and creating healthy, beautiful smiles. To schedule an appointment, please contact us at (972) 347-9617. From our state-of-the-art dentist’s office in Prosper, TX, Dr. Patel and his talented staff proudly provide generalrestorative, and cosmetic dentistry to families in Celina, Frisco, Plano, McKinney, Denton, and Allen.