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How can I fix my broken tooth?

Broken teeth happen for many reasons, and sometimes we don’t even know we have one. But if not treated, a broken tooth can turn into a lost tooth. That’s why, if you have a broken tooth, it’s essential that you see your dentist in Prosper, TX about a dental crown.

Dental crowns are the best way to restore teeth that are fractured, cracked, or broken. By covering all sides of the tooth in a strong porcelain shell, a dental crown protects a tooth from further damage or decay.

A dental crown looks entirely natural, matching your other teeth in shape and color. Most importantly, a tooth crown restores the function of your tooth so you can eat and speak normally.

Dental crowns also cap teeth that are weakened after a root canal or to restore a tooth after a dental implant. As you can see, dental crowns are an essential part of tooth restoration and can even fix aesthetic tooth problems like deep discoloration.

The most common sign of a broken tooth is pain and sensitivity. If you bite into something hard and hear a crack or feel a piece of tooth come loose, call your dentist right away. You’ll also want to call the dentist office if you experience a blow to your mouth or lose a large filling.

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