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What is Tooth Contouring?

Tooth Contouring | Prosper TX Dentist

As we age it is natural for our teeth to become more fragile and prone to chips and cracks. Those that have a habit of biting down on hard foods such as stale bread, hard candy, and ice are also more likely to have chipped teeth. Yet, if you have chipped teeth there is an easy and affordable way to fix them: tooth contouring. Contouring can help give you back a more cohesive and beautiful smile. Dr. Vimal Patel has years of experience in tooth contouring and is committed to giving you a smile you are proud to show off.

Tooth Contouring

What to expect – During the initial exam, your ...

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Frequently Asked Questions About General Dental Care

Prosper Smiles FAQ | Prosper TX

A beautiful smile can boost your confidence and help make a great first impression. In order to keep your smile gorgeous and bright, you need regular dental care. At Prosper Smiles Family Dentistry, we offer the latest in quality general dentistry to help your smile remain free of decay or periodontitis. In today’s blog, your Prosper dentist, Dr. Vimal Patel answers a few commonly asked questions regarding our general dental care techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions About General Dentistry

Question: How often should I undergo a checkup? Answer: According to the American Dental Association, people should receive a dental checkup once every ...

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Is Your Toothache a Sign of Something Serious?

Toothache | Prosper TX Dentist

Many people don’t think twice about a toothache. But what if your toothache was an indication of a serious problem with your oral health? Pain is the body’s messenger that all is not right, and if you ignore the messenger, you may be unaware of major concerns. However, quite often a toothache turns out to be a fleeting sensitivity rather than, say, a cavity. So how can you tell when a toothache requires dental assistance? Below, your Prosper dentist, Dr. Vimal Patel, shares some tips for determining the seriousness of your toothache.

Diagnosing Your Toothache

Many toothaches are caused by food particles caught between teeth. Thus, a great first ...

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Prosper Dentist Challenges You to a Quiz about Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening | Prosper TX

Are your teeth the right color? If they’re not pearly white, you’ve probably thought about whitening them at one time or another. If so, what stopped you? Was it the overwhelming number of whitening options? Picking the option that is right for you can be a bit difficult. What really helps is to have a solid understanding of the teeth whitening process and the different treatments. Take this quiz from your Prosper dentist, Dr. Vimal Patel, and see what you learn about teeth whitening.

Take the Quiz

  1. True or False: Extrinsic stains cannot be treated with traditional teeth whitening treatment.
  2. True or False: You can whiten your teeth ...

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Prosper Dentist: Kids and Tooth Decay

pediatric dentistry | Prosper TX

Parents often struggle to get their kids to brush their teeth, and even if they succeed, there is no guarantee that the brushing will be thorough. For these reasons, regular dental visits are imperative to keep an eye on any new developments in the oral health of young children. If areas of their mouths are neglected, tooth decay will not be far behind. Here to discuss tooth decay in children in your Prosper dentist, Dr. Vimal Patel.


Cavities and Children

Cavities are the result of bacteria’s attacks on teeth. Bacteria in the mouth form a sticky, clear film called ...

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Prosper Dentist Answers Your Most Frequently Asked Questions about Dentures

Dentures | Prosper TX

Life without teeth is a serious struggle. Things that were second nature like speaking and eating become difficult without teeth. People may also seem to age rapidly as their faces droop without the presence of teeth. So why do some people wait so long to get dentures? Perhaps they fear the embarrassment that they have seen others suffer when dealing with slipping dentures. Or perhaps they imagine bulky and extraordinarily fake-looking prosthetic teeth. Whatever the cause, the time has come for the record about dentures to be set straight. And what better way to do so than by having your Prosper dentist, Dr. Vimal Patel, answer your ...

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Prosper Dentist Has Dental Quiz for Parents

Dental Hygiene | Prosper TX

Knowledge is a huge part of parenting. Being well-informed on a variety of topics can prepare you to take action and make good decisions. The same goes for dental care for you and your child. Knowing the proper way to brush or to handle an emergency can make the difference in your and your child’s oral health. So what better way to test your knowledge than with a quiz from your Prosper dentist, Dr. Vimal Patel?

The Quiz

  1. Do baby teeth require fillings?
  2. True or False: If your child has a tooth knocked out, you should put the tooth in a plastic bag and ...

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