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The Long-Term Effects of Bruxism

Bruxism Treatment Prosper TX

Bruxism is another word for teeth grinding, and as you can imagine, it is not good for you or your teeth. If you have been grinding your teeth for a number of years, you probably already have symptoms such as headaches, sinus pain, stiffness in the neck and shoulders, and poor quality sleep.

Don’t risk the long-term consequences of teeth grinding. Bruxism treatments are available from your dentist in Prosper, TX.

What Does Teeth Grinding Do to Your Teeth?

Grinding inflicts a large amount of pressure on your teeth, causing tooth decay and undue wear. It can also make your gums swollen.

If you have crowns or fillings, the teeth grinding can cause damage, ...

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Is Your Toothache a Sign of Something Serious?

Toothache | Prosper TX Dentist

Many people don’t think twice about a toothache. But what if your toothache was an indication of a serious problem with your oral health? Pain is the body’s messenger that all is not right, and if you ignore the messenger, you may be unaware of major concerns. However, quite often a toothache turns out to be a fleeting sensitivity rather than, say, a cavity. So how can you tell when a toothache requires dental assistance? Below, your Prosper dentist, Dr. Vimal Patel, shares some tips for determining the seriousness of your toothache.

Diagnosing Your Toothache

Many toothaches are caused by food particles caught between teeth. Thus, a great first ...

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