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Why Regular Dental Checkups in Kids Matter

mom brushing baby teeth | children's dentistry prosper ny
Did you know that your child should be visiting the dentist just as often as you do? The American Dental Association recommends that children begin seeing the dentist around age one after their first teeth arrive. This might seem early; however, it helps your child to acclimate and begin feeling comfortable at the dentist early on. It also allows your dentist to begin monitoring their oral health and development.Why Are Baby Teeth Important?Many parents feel that baby teeth are not essential to care for since they will be falling out in a few years anyway. This couldn't be further from the truth! Baby teeth have some critical jobs to ...

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How to Make Your Newly Whitened Smile Last Longer

Congratulations! You've chosen teeth whitening as a proven method for brightening your smile. You'll love the results, and you probably can't wait to share your new smile with the world! You would probably also like to know how to maintain your whiter smile once you have completed teeth whitening in Prosper, TX. Here are some tips for keeping your smile white and bright.Be Aware of Certain Food and BeveragesUnderstanding which foods and drinks can diminish your bright smile will help you know how to manage them. Here is a list of items to be aware of:Dark colas, red wine, coffee, and teaBerries such as raspberries, blueberries, and blackberriesSoy sauce and ...

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3 Kinds of Dental Emergencies and What to Do

Emergency Dentistry | Prosper TX Dentist
Dental emergencies can be stressful and scary – especially when you're not sure what to do!The first thing to do is to remain calm because your team at Prosper Smiles Family Dentistry is here for you. We encourage emergency patients to contact us right away since we will do everything we can to see you as soon as possible.When you know how to handle a dental emergency, it won't feel as overwhelming, so here are some tips for properly handling emergency situations.A Knocked-Out ToothWhen your tooth is knocked out, it's important to act quickly as we have the best chance of saving your tooth if we see you as soon ...

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Your Kids Can Practice Good Oral Hygiene! Here's How to Help

Children's Dentist Prosper TX
As a parent, you have many things to think about all the time! Your child's oral health may not always be at the top of your list, however it is important for a number of reasons. Baby teeth have important work to do. They help your child learn to speak and navigate solid foods. They also hold space for and guide adult teeth into position when it's time. Promoting good oral hygiene for your child is important, and here's some tips from your children's dentist in Prosper, TX on how you can help your child at home.Begin Brushing EarlyYou should start brushing your child's teeth as soon as they appear. ...

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The Long-Term Effects of Bruxism

Bruxism Treatment Prosper TX
Bruxism is another word for teeth grinding, and as you can imagine, it is not good for you or your teeth. If you have been grinding your teeth for a number of years, you probably already have symptoms such as headaches, sinus pain, stiffness in the neck and shoulders, and poor quality sleep.Don’t risk the long-term consequences of teeth grinding. Bruxism treatments are available from your dentist in Prosper, TX.What Does Teeth Grinding Do to Your Teeth?Grinding inflicts a large amount of pressure on your teeth, causing tooth decay and undue wear. It can also make your gums swollen.If you have crowns or fillings, the teeth grinding can cause damage, ...

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3 Ways Whiter Teeth Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Teeth Whitening Service | Prosper TX
When you meet someone, what is the first thing you notice?If you are like most people, chances are the answer to that question is “their smile.” But what if your smile isn't sending the message you’d like because your teeth are stained or yellowed? Perhaps you simply avoid smiling, or you might find that you put your hand in front of your mouth to cover your smile.The fact is that there is no reason to hide a smile that isn’t as white as you’d like when professional teeth whitening is available everywhere, including right here at your dentist in Prosper. This easy, safe, affordable cosmetic dentistry procedure provides dramatic results ...

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Cosmetic Issues Fixed with Dental Bonding

Cosmetic Dentistry | Dental Bonding | Prosper TX
Are you satisfied with the appearance of your smile? When you think of enhancing or improving your teeth, you may think about porcelain veneers or crowns, however did you know that there are also less invasive but just as effective options available to restore your smile? Dental bonding in Prosper, TX may be able to repair your teeth and achieve the results you were hoping for, and Prosper Smiles Family Dentistry can help.What is Dental Bonding?Ideal for repairing small chips and fractures, dental bonding utilizes composite resin, which is the same material Dr. Patel uses for dental fillings. Composite is easy to work with because it's pliable, ...

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